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The MSW (ODL) programme offers opportunity to learners for higher studies in professional social work. Besides offering the core courses pertaining to social work curriculum across the globe and India, it includes themes in some of the pertinent areas of social work such as globalization, migration, history of social work in India, theory paper on social work practicum and a course on HIV/AIDS which are expected to be highly useful in the present day context. The practical components have been meticulously prepared to provide the learners hands on training, which will enable the candidates to find suitable placements within and outside the country.

For those seeking admission with effect from January 2019 session, it may be noted that they will be offered the revised version of MSW Programme. The highlights of the revised version include Block Placement and Internship in practical component and emphasis on Social Work in African Context, Criminal Justice, Contemporary Methods and Values of Social Work and International Social Work. Accordingly, a student is expected to successfully complete 72 credits which include compulsory courses, elective courses as well as fieldwork. The details of which are given below.

The Programme offered by the School of Social Work, IGNOU, is unique and innovative in many respects. The salient features of this programme are:

  • Indigenously-prepared self-instructional print materials are provided to students.
  • Print materials are supported with audio ad video programmes.
  • Multi-media programme package is made available.
  • Every student of MSW is placed under the supervision of a professionally- qualified social worker for fieldwork supervision.
  • There is a course on history of social work in India titled ‘Professional Social Work: Indian perspectives’.
  • For the first time a theory paper on ‘Social Work Practicum’ has been introduced as a compulsory paper.


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