BSC IGNOU Solved Assignment 2023-24

BSC IGNOU Solved Assignment 2023-24

BSC IGNOU Solved Assignments Latest

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IGNOU Solved Assignment 

BSC IGNOU Solved Assignment 2023-24

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The broad objective of the B.Sc. programme is to provide higher education required for a B.Sc. degree in conformity with the UGC-CBCS to aspirants (including learners from the deprived sections and those living in remote and rural areas) seeking a degree for employment, further higher education, promotion in career and professional development. The programme’s thrust is on giving the learners a thorough and sound background in theoretical and practical-oriented courses relevant to the current and emerging developments in the field of sciences.
To fulfil the requirements for acquiring the B.Sc. a student may clear all the courses in a minimum of three years and a maximum of 6 years. In case the student is unable to pass all the courses of the B.Sc. programme in 6 years, s/he can continue for another two years by seeking Re-admission to the courses which s/he is unable to successfully complete. For further information regarding the re-admission rules and paying the requisite fee, you may contact the Regional Centre. You may also get this information from IGNOU website. But, you are advised to pass all the courses successfully in 3 years.
Medium: The medium of instruction is English and Hindi. The course material is also provided in both the medium.
Programme Structure
The University follows the credit system in all its programmes. One credit is equal to 30 hours of learners study time which is equivalent to 15 lectures in conventional system. To earn a Bachelor’s Degree, a learner has to earn 132 credits in minimum six semesters (three years) with 22 credits per semester. For earning 132 credits, a student has to opt from the following categories of courses:
a) Discipline Specific Core Courses (DSC)
b) Discipline Specific Electives (DSE)
c) Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)
d) Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC)
A learner can choose any of the three disciplines as per his/her interest from the disciplines mentioned below for completing B.Sc. (General) programme.
1. Botany
2. Chemistry
3. Geography
4. Geology
5. Mathematics
6. Physics
7. Zoology
Advise for Choice of Courses
You have full freedom to select any combinations of three disciplines out of seven disciplines mentioned in the list. But we suggest that you choose a combination out of some popular combinations which are presently available in our other Indian universities.
1. Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics (PCM)
2. Chemistry-Botany-Zoology (CBZ)
3. Physics-Chemistry-Geology (PCG)
4. Physics-Mathematics-Geology (PMG)
5. Chemistry-Geology-Zoology (CGZ)
6. Chemistry-Geology-Botany (CGB)
7. Physics-Mathematics-Geography (PMG)
8. Chemistry-Geography-Geology (CGG)
9. Botany-Zoology-Geography (BZG)
A learner has to take Discipline Specific Core Courses and Discipline Specific Elective Courses from the above mentioned three Disciplines ONLY in all the subsequent semesters as per the Programme Structure.

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