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English | CTE |BEGE | EEG IGNOU Solved Assignments

IGNOU Solved Assignment 

English | CTE |BEGE | EEG

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English | CTE |BEGE | EEG

In a nutshell, the programme will enhance the teachers understanding of learners, the learning process, the nature and structure of language, and the teaching of it in terms of new and more effective methodologies of classroom management, material selection and evaluation. This programme will help the teacher to:

  1. Gain insights about the language learner, not only as cognitive entity, but as a social being, functioning in a multilingual environment.
  2. Understand the nature of language as a dynamic entity, subject to variation and change.
  3. Enhance her/his proficiency in English, not only in terms of the structure of English (sounds, words, grammar) but also at the level of discourse.
  4. Critically reflect over her/his classroom experience and innovate in teaching strategies, so that s/he may be able to more effectively teach the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  5. Upgrade herself/himself in the new theories that are prevalent in terms of the learner, the learning process, classroom management, material selection and creating,
  6. Conduct action research.

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